Pollen Collection 2-Level/20-Frame (Langstroth Size) AZ Hive


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Limited quantities inbound! Available Dec 1, 2022!

 Please email us for pick-up in Virginia and freight shipping options. 

Expanded Pollen Chamber Slovenian 2-Level/20-Frame AŽ-Langstroth sized Hive:

Uses Slovenian AŽ-Langstroth size frames, and is compatible with Langstroth foundation. Expanded channeler below the hive allows for rapid internal collection of pollen during pollen flows.

Items included with this AŽ Hive:

20 AŽ-Langstroth sized dovetailed frames, no foundation
Stainless Steel Queen Excluder
PVC Excluder board
Foam sponge (for moisture collection)
Varroa mite & pollen board
1.5L Plastic feeder with bee feeding tube
2 rear, screened interior doors
Rear exterior door

Pick up in Virginia price: $475.00

All images used with permission from our manufacturer, Medles s.p. of Trbovlje, Slovenia.  Our exclusive relationship with Medles guarantees you the highest quality, traditionally built AŽ products available in Slovenia. 

Pollen Collection 2-Level/20-Frame (Langstroth Size) AZ Hive
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