About Us

Swarm of bees flying around beehive during spring season
"AŽ Hives are the best hive you have never heard of."

AZ Hives North America founders are a U.S. military family with roots in Colorado and the Midwest.  We have spent the last 20 years all over the world, and now reside in Northern Virginia, USA.

Our family heritage with agriculture goes back many generations.  Working with bees is a natural extension of our family’s agricultural heritage in Slovenia.  Our experience living and traveling in Slovenia goes back to 1999, when we visited our family’s ethnic homeland for the first time.  While studying at the University of Ljubljana, our founder often stayed with family in their village in the Slovenian region of Gorenjska.  It was at this time that we first became familiar with Slovenia’s AŽ Hive, apitherapy, and Slovenia’s unique agricultural cultural practices surrounding bees.

We transitioned to the Slovenian AŽ Hive system due to its ease of management, protection of bees from the elements, and comfort and flexibility for the beekeeper.  

We invite you to come have a look at our AŽ Hive products and the Slovenian system of beekeeping.  You will soon see why, whatever your age, your physical capabilities or the number of hives you manage, the Slovenian AŽ Hive is a superior system of beekeeping that can work for you.

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