7-Frame AŽ (Langstroth dimensions) Nucleus Hive


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Our 7-frame AŽ (Langstroth frame dimensions) nucleus hive is the perfect solution to begin a new colony or expand your apiary by doing splits.  This accessory to our Langstroth-frame dimension AŽ hives, the 7-frame nucleus hive allows you to shelter new colonies or package bees, prior to installation in our AŽ-Langstroth 3-level/30-frame AŽ hive.  They come fully assembled, with screened inner door,  7 dovetailed AŽ frames, and a .75 L feeding bottle with ribbed plastic tube.  Easily utilized by beekeepers of all ages and abilities.  Foundation not included.

7-Frame AŽ (Langstroth dimensions) Nucleus Hive
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