AZ-Langstroth Plastic Frame Extenders – 30 Pack


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These plastic frame clips, manufactured in Slovenia by Čebelstvo Rihar Kočjan s.p., are the much-needed key to transitioning between the Langstroth and AŽ systems of beekeeping. Use of this product with our AŽ-Langstroth frames allows you to easily place the AŽ-Langstroth frames into Langstroth deep boxes or nucleus hives, for build out by an existing colony.  Snap these on to your new frames, and give them to your nucleus producer.  When ready to install the nucleus hive into your AŽ hives, simply snap off the frame clips and slide your frames in.  It doesn’t get any easier to transition between systems!

30 clips to a package. Frames are not included.


AZ-Langstroth Plastic Frame Extenders – 30 Pack

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