Slovenian Beehive Front Boards – St.Florian’s Panel


For over 100 years, Slovenian Beekeepers have combined their artistic talents and religious and cultural traditions to create beautiful artwork for the front of their Slovenian AZ Hives. The hive front panels, which represent cultural scenes typical of 17th and 18th Slovenian village life, often also portray the challenges of beekeepers, as well as Biblical images. The colorful beehive panels can be found on most Slovenian hives throughout the countryside, and reflect the personalities of the families that keep them. The hive panels have become a unique form of traditional Slovenian cultural art, and are prized by collectors for their unique characteristics.

Our hive panels represent a number of the most popular hive panels. Ask us if you have a specific interest area. Most likely we can find it for you!

***Please note, our modern hive front boards are made with an overlay process, and are not painted.

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