No Bees, No Life, by Peter Kozmus, Boštan Noč and Karolina Vrtačnik


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About the Book

In 2016, we, the main authors, had an idea to create a ‘global book,’ which would present the importance of bees to the environment and humans as comprehensively as possible, but in a clear and simple way.  The response of the authors was amazing.  Almost without exception, those we approached for collaboration expressed their approval of the idea for the book. Even the most world-renowned beekeeping experts were happy to participate.   No Bees, No Life is therefore, a joint effort by authors from around the globe, all focused upon the importance of bees.

Many people realize that bees are important insects, but we are still not familiar enough with how big an influence their biggest role – pollination – has on mankind.  The world is mostly acquainted with hive products.  However, by pollinating plants, bees give the world around one third of all its food.  Apart from providing food, pollination makes the existence of plant diversity possible.  Bees, through their work, influence ecosystems, which in turn provide us with oxygen, clean water, regulation of the weather and climate, among other important activities.

No Bees, No Life is a joint effort by 69 authors from 32 countries presenting a rich tapestry of subjects. From the history of bees, hive products, and the importance of the education of beekeepers, to the importance of bees and the reasons why they are endangered, various ways of keeping bees around the world, apitherapy, apitourism, the religious importance of bees, bees as a good example of life based on values, and the way beekeeping can help people with disabilities are also detailed.  This phenomenal book is a must-have for the library of every beekeeper.

No Bees, No Life, by Peter Kozmus, Boštan Noč and Karolina Vrtačnik

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